Teddy Bear Stay-cation: Day 2


On Day 2 of our stay-cation, we ventured to one of our favorite parks to hear the Teddy Bear Band live in concert.  It’s BYOB, of course. Bring your own bear. So Sassy and Brownie came along for the fun. Good thing they have thick fur — this July was the coldest on record in Minnesota.




Laurel does her Elvis impression.


This is Panda, who lead our girls and dozens of other small, bear-toting kids in a dancing train around the park. Laurel loved this but was disappointed that she did not actually ever get to hug Panda. Maybe next year.


For a minute, the Hokey Pokey really was what it’s all about.


Bear! Bear! Bear in the air!


What goes up, oh you know, must come down.

Stay tuned for Day 3 of our Teddy Bear Stay-cation!

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