About Diana

“I am just a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.”

-Mother Theresa

  • Follower of Jesus who is striving to love the LORD with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength and love my neighbor as myself
  • Wife of a boating and guitar fanatic who excels in engineering, loves spicy Mexican food, and remembers new jokes well enough to tell them to me
  • Mother of two adorable daughters — one with curly blonde hair and one with silky-smooth blonde hair, both ballerinas who love spending time outside, reading books, dancing, swimming, skiing, singing, playing piano and going on adventures
  • Shutterbug with a passion for scrapbooking and thousands upon thousands of digital images yet to be organized
  • Baker of chocolate and anything bread-like, usually from scratch and exclusively for family and friends and neighbors
  • Night Owl who sometimes has to take an afternoon nap to recover
  • Book-lover who spends entirely too much time reading children’s books and blogs to keep up with all the other books she borrows and buys
  • Lilac Smeller and Picnic Packer — for the summer months
  • Dandylion Bouquet Recipient with many small glass vases to ensure viability of flowers often delivered by small, delicate hands
  • Coat Zipperer, Mitten Matcher, and Hot Chocolate Server — for the winter months
  • Stay-at-Home Mom with 15 years of experience
  • Home Educator with 10 years of experience
  • Freelance Writer with a portfolio of nationally published articles (mostly for readers in the agriculture industry)
  • Minnesota Transplant with deep Oklahoma roots and a few family branches in Washington State, Oregon and Texas
  • Tea Drinker with a passion for tea parties of all fashions, homemade scones and black tea served hot or cold but always sweetened


4 thoughts on “About Diana

  1. Dear Diana, I have just today looked at your blog and the precious pictures of the girls etc. Your testimony is such a blessing for me to read. You have turned out to be exactly what your mother would have wanted you to be. I know she would have been so proud of you. Thanks for sharing with us. Love, Aunt Bel

  2. Hello,
    Carla sent us a link to look at your bog. Very nice to be able to see pictures of the girls and read what is happening in your world up there. We are doing great. Hope to see y’all soon. Mollie

  3. Dear Diana, Of all the women in this great big beautiful world that God has created, I am so thankful that he put you in Michael’s path many years ago. I could not have thought of a more perfect woman to be the wife of my eldest son and the mother of my grand children. I truly thank God for you.

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