Teddy Bear Stay-cation: Day 3



Day 3 took us to Stillwater, one of our favorite Minnesota cities, to explore Teddy Bear Park with our very dear friends, the H family. This was no ordinary park for the 7-years-old and under crowd. Greeting us near the entrance was this huge granite teddy bear.


This smaller granite bear resided in the ampitheatre. Isn’t he cute? If only he were fuzzier…


Linnea tests the zip line.


Our little climbers requested this shot. It was hard to tell where the faux rock wall ended and the real rock bluff began. Pretty amazing!


I can’t resist another picture with Fuzzy Wuzzy.


Time to speed away from Teddy Bear Park…


And enjoy a scoop of ice cream while watching the lift bridge over the St. Croix River.

Check back tomorrow for Day 4!

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