About Me


“I am just a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.”

-Mother Theresa

  • Follower of Jesus who is striving to love the LORD with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength and love my neighbor as myself
  • Wife of a boating and guitar fanatic who excels in engineering, loves spicy Mexican food, and remembers new jokes well enough to tell them to me
  • Mother of two adorable daughters — one with curly blonde hair and one with silky-smooth blonde hair, both ballerinas who love spending time outside, reading books, dancing, swimming, singing, playing piano and going on adventures
  • Shutterbug with a passion for scrapbooking and thousands upon thousands of digital images yet to be organized
  • Baker of chocolate and anything bread-like, usually from scratch and exclusively for family and friends and neighbors
  • Night Owl who sometimes has to take an afternoon nap to recover
  • Book-lover who spends entirely too much time reading children’s books and blogs to keep up with all the “real” books she borrows and buys
  • Lilac Smeller and Picnic Packer — for the summer months
  • Dandylion Bouquet Recipient with many small glass vases to ensure viability of flowers often delivered by small, delicate hands
  • Coat Zipperer, Mitten Matcher, and Hot Chocolate Server — for the winter months
  • Stay-at-Home Mom with more than 14 years of experience
  • Home Educator with nearly nine years of experience
  • Freelance Writer with a portfolio of nationally published articles (mostly for readers in the agriculture industry)
  • Communications Guru who loves Adobe and WordPress
  • Children’s Ministry Volunteer who loves doing the actions during Vacation Bible School worship time
  • Minnesotan Transplant with deep Oklahoma roots and a few family branches in Washington State, Oregon and Texas
  • Tea Drinker with a passion for tea parties of all fashions, homemade scones and black tea served hot or cold but always sweetened