Teddy Bear Stay-cation: Day 1

Last month the girls and I embarked on a week-long “Teddy Bear Stay-cation” in lieu of traveling elsewhere for an actual vacation. So today I am kicking off a 5-day blog series showcasing our local bear-related adventures.

Day 1 featured a trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop to stuff, groom, dress and name two brand new teddy bears — Sassy and Brownie.


Sassy gets filled with stuffing, and it’s a noisy job.


Sassy gets her first hug.


Linnea runs the pedal on the stuffing machine; Brownie is filled to just the right level of fluffiness.


Brownie gets her first hug.


Brownie needs a quick “bath” with the brushes to remove extra fur.


Sassy also gets groomed.


Fashionably dressed, Sassy is a ballerina bear, and Brownie is a bride bear.

Day 1 down. Come back tomorrow to read all about Day 2 of our Teddy Bear Stay-cation!

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