Never ask an August sky

“Never have I asked an August sky, ‘Where has last July gone?’ “

That’s one of my favorite lines in the song “Many A New Day” from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical Oklahoma

Here’s where July went for our family:

  • 4 more sailing trips
  • 2 trips to the  beach
  • 1 trip to the Culpepper & Merriweather Circus
  • 1 teddy bear tea party
  • 1 trip to the Arboretum
  • 1 evening playing in the sprinkler
  • 1 trip to Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater, Minn.
  • 1 Tiny Party that was BIG fun
  • 2 birthday parties
  • 1 trip to Lowry Nature Center
  • 1 church picnic
  • 1 Teddy Bear Band Concert in the park
  • 1 trip to Sonic Drive-In
  • 1 trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop
  • 1 visit to see newly hatched Bantam chicks
  • 1 beautiful wedding & fun reception
  • 3 trips to various playgrounds at nearby parks
  • 1 trip to the community center pool
  • 1 paddle boat excursion at Centennial Lakes
  • countless picnics

Perhaps you notice a re-occurring theme? Teddy bears! I’m putting together a more detailed post complete with pictures of our Teddy Bear Stay-cation. (That’s like a vacation, only you don’t leave town.) Stay tuned for that post later this week!

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