A Fresh Look

Well, my dear readers, I’ve been doing this bloggy thing for nearly three years now, and I am close to reaching my 150th posting and my 100th comment! Woo-hoo!

To celebrate these frivilous literary milestones, I decided to freshen up my blog a bit. I’ve applied a new WordPress theme, which uses a lovely shade of green. Most folks refer to it as sage, but my friend Jonda loving calls it “Diana green” since it’s my favorite color. She knows this because I have painted four rooms of our house in various shades of this color. So why not paint my blog this color, too?

I also rearranged a few of the widgets on the far right sidebar/column/thingy. I even threw my mug shot up there so you wouldn’t think you’d arrived at someone else’s blog by mistake.

Maybe you already noticed that I created an all-new header? I revised the blog name from “Starlight Ink” to “Starlight Writer.” Ink, they tell me, is becoming mostly irrelevant thanks to digital publishing. Sniff, sniff. It’s so sad but probably true. But I digress.

Please note that I added a new tagline in the header: “Shine like stars as you hold out the Word of Life.” This comes from Philippians 2:14-16, one of the verses that originally inspired the blog name. The other, because I know you’re curious, is Daniel 12:3. (Clicking the links will take you to BibleGateway.com, truly the most useful and amazing tool online!)

Anyway, I hope you find the new look cheerful, refreshing, and easy to read. Do let me know what you think. Please leave a reply below — it might just be my 100th comment!

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