Sweet Summer







A sound we seem to hear once every weekend in the summertime.

A sound that sends shivers of unpredictable, happy panic up the spines of certain family members.

A sound that sends half of the family dashing for loose change while the other half dashes barefoot into the street.

Oh, the charming and merry sound of the ice cream truck coming down the street! When you’re 4 years old, there’s no better sound in the world.

“He had a freezer full of bomb pops
Push ups, drum sticks and dreamcicles
And a paint chipped change box
Full of sticky quarters, dimes and nickles
It was automatic when we heard that song
Run home and get your money before he’s gone”

-Diamond Rio “Sweet Summer”

Forget the bomb pops, push ups, drum sticks and dreamcicles. Laurel has her heart set on Tweetie Bird.

Linnea, meanwhile, focuses in on the chocolate-chip-cookie ice cream sandwich.

She’s been extensively trained to take anything with chocolate this seriously.

Ice cream + babysitters = two four giddy little girls.

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