Lovely and Pure

“Praise His name with dancing.” -Psalm 149:3

Doesn’t she look as delicate and lovely as a flower?

Here she “sits tall like a dancer” to show off the flowers on the back of her costume.

Linnea’s Ballet 1 class danced to Jack Johnson’s “We Are Going to Be Friends,” from the Curious George movie soundtrack.

Laurel’s Creative Movement class performed skips, twirls and leaps, which were all choreographed by God, as her instructor put it.

She was completely overjoyed with wearing her costume and dancing on the big stage. We weren’t permitted to take pictures during the performance, but here’s a shot from the dress rehearsal.

Aren’t they precious?

4 thoughts on “Lovely and Pure

  1. How beautiful my granddaughters are. Love their hair as well as their outfits.
    I would have loved to attend this wonderful event.

  2. I wrote a comment and forgot to click on submit. So I will say, again, how precious they both are. I can’t believe Linnea’s hair has grown long enough to wear in a bun already. The braid in Laurel’s is a cute change for her. Bet they did great. Would love to have seen them. Love, Aunt Bel

    1. Yea, Linnea’s bun was quite a challenge. I had a professional do it because I couldn’t even get it into a ponytail!

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