Where are we, Toto?

If you read my last post about our backyard snowfort, this picture might confuse you. 

Here are my coat-less, mitten-less, hat-less little pioneer women, in a snow-less prairie landscape. Their Pa put ’em up in that wagon.


Don’t they look refreshed and happy to be up there?

“Hey, Toto. We aren’t in Minnesota anymore.”

Nope. We’re in Kansas. Swept all the way down I-35 and beyond to this prairie home of a very famous pioneer woman.

(Although, I’d sure like to visit with a certain other famous Pioneer Woman, that’s another story… Did you hear there’s a movie of her life in the works?)

Well anyway, this is the Ingalls’ home — the Little House on the Prairie in Wayside, KS, — near Independence. We got to go inside, too. It’s cozy.

My very own Pa lives across the border and down the road just a piece. I don’t usually call him Pa and no, he doesn’t play the fiddle, but we love him a lot.

For the record, fellow Pioneer Woman readers, I’d like to apply as a substitute writer for that other Pioneer Woman. You know she’ll be waaaay too busy to write home once that movie thing takes off. So as a native Oklahoman, blogger, baker, and homeschool mom, don’t I qualify? Oh yes, I happen to have a few ties to the beef industry, too.

So, what do you say, Ree?

Also, just so you know, I can’t watch the Wizard of Oz. Flying monkeys freak me out.

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