The Snow Fort

What do you get when you combine 11 inches of surprisingly soupy, fresh snow, one lazy Saturday morning, two energetic girls, one playfully productive dad, and one plastic shoe box?  

A snow fort!

I hestiated to go out in the snow storm with my camera, which did get a little wet. But it was good that I shot these pictures when I did because a few hours later the snow fort collapsed. So sad. We still have several inches of snow on the ground.

And lots of chilly memories!

One thought on “The Snow Fort

  1. It is always fun to see your family and the fun they are involved in. Speaking of family, my mom, step-dad, aunt and uncle are visiting for the first time. They have been here for four days and they leave tomorrow. We’ve been in touch with people back home in MN and heard about your snowfall. I must show them your photos, so they can see what they are in store for when they return. I’ve got to say, I do not snow. I’m sure Brock and Natalie would say otherwise. I hope you’re doing well Diana. I love your updates! -Hilary

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