They Can Fly!

 While I was busy hosting a women’s Bible study a few weeks ago, my entire family — who had been instructed to shooo away from the house — went up in the air in a recreational aircraft!

A lovely couple from our church owns a Piper Cherokee, and they invited my husband and two daughters to go flying. So off they all went. And they took my camera, too. It was hard not to worry.

They flew over familar territory.

Which was thrilling for them. But I can’t say I was thrilled to learn that my husband was “playing pilot” while they flew over the lake!

That’s our sailboat.

And that’s our house, where I sat inside praying along with my friends! It was probably best that I didn’t know they were flying over the house.

Our pilot friend and his wife helped Linnea earn her Young Eagles certificate, which really made her day.  Thank you G & C!

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