Not Me Monday: What Happens Up North

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Unlike Vegas, what happens up north, doesn’t always stay up north.

It’s time to ‘fess up to some things I did last week that may be embarassing (or maybe I just shouldn’t have done) by pretending that I didn’t actually do them.

For starters, while we were up north last week, I most certainly did not allow my 4-year-old to go canoeing all by herself. How dangerous would that be?! She’s still learning to swim! And our family always upholds the rules of safe boating, which my 4-year-old clearly does not grasp, so of course I’d never give her a paddle and let her go all alone into the lake. Not me!

And when my 7-year-old builds a “nature” sailboat and courageously ventures out onto the rocks to get it wet, I never see what’s coming.

When she slips and slides off the rock, soaking the seat of her pants, I never laugh at her embarassing moment or her slumped shoulders and completely exasperated face afterward.

And I’d certainly never publish the blurry photo for all the world to see. Nope, not me. I’m a gentle and sensitive mom all the time. Really.

What’s more, I always pay very, very close attention to what my children are doing at all times, especially when they are near the water.

So I’d never permit them and their friends to over-feed the fish — to the tune of several hundred oyster crackers — simply because they looked so cute standing at the edge of the dock. I never get the least bit distracted by taking pictures. Or by talking to my friend Kate. Not me!

And, lastly, I always ensure that my family eats well-balanced meals, especially on vacation. So I’d never pass off wild raspberries, dough-boys, and Go-gurt as dinner. And I’d never, ever serve up s’mores for dessert after such an imbalanced “meal.” Nope. Not me! 

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