A Tale of Two Houses

Once upon a time, there were two lovely little girls.

Since it was a warm, sunny day, they took a lovely nature walk through the trees.

Presently, they came upon two lovely little houses: one in the shade, and one in the sun.

The first little girl took the lovely house in the shade, under the trees.

It was just right, so she decided to stay in the cozy, cool house.

Meanwhile, the second little girl dashed to the lovely house in the sun.

It was just right, too, so she decided to stay.

But then the second little girl either got too hot or too lonely in her sunny house. So she left to visit the little girl who lived in the shady house. 

Knock , knock. Anybody home?

They played together happily ever after, exploring nature in the warm afternoon sun.

Happily, that is, until the second little girl got “a piece of nature” in her shoe.

Oh my! That’s not so lovely!

3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Houses

    1. Hmmmm. I have a sunny house that I would sell to you! 🙂 It even has a sunny patio with dwarf lilacs blooming, and peonies thinking about blooming soon.

  1. What a cute story. We have sun here, already getting hot tho. Thanks for sharing. Aunt Bel

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