W is for Water

At the Arboretum last Friday, while Linnea had her nose in the lilacs, Laurel had a stick in hand and repeatedly insisted that we hurry up. She needed to find some water so she could go “fishing” with her stick. Truth be told, Laurel is totally and completely obsessed with water. But you know that already if you read my earlier post about Our Flower Girls.

No doubt her water obsession sprung from her daddy, the biggest water-lover I know. For these two, water is not about thirst; it’s about recreation. Boating in it, fishing in it, hiking over it, pretending to be a mermaid in it, or throwing rocks into it. Okay, maybe Michael doesn’t really go for the mermaid part, but Laurel certainly does.

Laurel could have played here for hours and hours.

This stick was perfect for {pretend} fishing, she said, because it had such a nice curve to it.

It’s no wonder the simple things in nature can be so entertaining. God created them for us to enjoy.

And since Linnea is a bit of a water-lover, too, I have a feeling we’ll be exploring another spot like this again soon.

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