Holy Week in Pictures

pretty girls in spring dresses

the scent of an Easter lily

so fragrant

eggs in dye

waiting to decorate

Daddy’s annual watermelon egg

decorated eggs

shiny new shoes

Easter baskets full of goodies

hunting for eggs

a bucket-full of eggs

counting eggs in the grass

Easter ham

2 thoughts on “Holy Week in Pictures

  1. Precious pictures, Diana. Your girls are growing up fast. Looks like you are making some wonderful memories with them. Liked the watermelon egg—that’s cute. Have a glorious Easter. Miss you. Love, Aunt Bel

  2. Wow, they are looking more grown up every time I see new pictures. I am so thankful those two little girls are so well taken care of, and getting the absoute best upbringing possible in this day and time. I wish I could be a part of the process of making memories. Some day!!

    Michael got a new do, looks like he is ready for hot summer weather.

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