12 Helpful Resources for Preschool at Home

A few of my friends with young kids have asked for help finding books and other materials for preschool at home. So here’s my quick list of 12 helpful resources! 

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1. Crafts and activities for preschoolers abound at Danielle’s Place. Some pages require a subscription. 

2. For teaching preschoolers to read, I used How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons with Linnea at age 5, and we both loved it. I will be starting it with Laurel this summer. I also like the learning to read ideas from Jessie Wise, co-author of The Well-Trained Mind

3. My favorite bible for preschoolers is The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally-Lloyd Jones. The illustrations are rather unique, but what I love about it is how the hope of Jesus is part of each story.  

4. Another great book for the spiritual training of preschoolers is Leading Little Ones to God by Marian Schoolland. 

5. A few years ago, I ordered several learning toys from My Father’s World. I especially love the rubber crepe puzzles by Lauri. 

6. Peaking at the blogs of other homeschoolers can be helpful. Since my homeschool blog tends to be a tad “girly” at times, moms of boys might also enjoy Tons of Sons. The Well-Trained Mind also offers this overwhelmingly long list of homeschool blogs to peruse. 

7. For helpful articles on homeschooling, check out Homeschooling Today. Be sure to click on the tab for “Get Started Homeschooling.” And be sure to check out their upcoming May/June issue because I have an article running in it! 

8. Another fantastic site for all sorts of homeschooling tips, encouraging words and inspiring ideas is Heart of the Matter

9. To download printables for learning letters, numbers and colors, visit Heart of the Matter Preschool Printables

10. Tap into the variety of free downloadable homeschool forms and other printable resources at Donna Young. They are fabulous and very helpful! 

11. Another extensive list of links to free online resources for homeschooling preschoolers is available at Homeschool Diner

12. One resource that I have heard great things about but haven’t yet used is Five In A Row. I plan to investigate it further soon.

UPDATE: A reader asked me to add her blog to my list of resources for preschoolers. I checked it out, and Homepreschool and Beyond looks like it’s packed with helpful ideas from author and child development expert Susan Lemons. I especially like this article on what a 4-year-old should know. Thanks for the tip, Susan!

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