Top 10 of the Florida Keys #7

 Number Seven: Swimming

What vacation with small children would be complete without a swimming pool?

The lagoon-style pool at the resort where we stayed was amazing. Michael and I couldn’t get over how beautiful the landscaping around it was. So green and tropical, and so different from the snow-white landscape of the Frozen Tundra that we’ve been staring at since November.

We also couldn’t get over the iguanas that strolled around the pool on the warmest day of our visit. Creepy! Of course, that was the day I didn’t bring my camera to the pool. We did count at least five iguanas — one even had orange spikes! The girls didn’t want to go anywhere near those creatures, but they didn’t freak out as much as I thought they might. We also saw many tiny lizards — Florida chameleons — near the pool and elsewhere around the resort. But that’s another story

Back to swimming. Linnea loves her goggles; Laurel has a love-hate relationship with hers.

Linnea loves leaping into the water.

Laurel still needs a little help getting into deep water. 

Her little toes just didn’t want to let go!

But pretending to ride on her own personal sea turtle was great fun.

The 70-something weather was a smidge cold for Linnea, who crept out of the pool to warm up for a while. This is the same kid who often complains about being hot when she is outside wearing her snowpants. Go figure.

And then there’s Laurel, never happy to leave the pool.

Our Florida Keys Top 10 nears the finish with Number Eight coming up soon!

Florida Keys Top 10 Series

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Number 9: Tranquility

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Number 7: Swimming

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Number 5: Key West

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Number 3: Sailing

Number 2: Dolphins

Number 1: Sea Turtles

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