Top 10 of the Florida Keys #6

The Florida Keys Top 10 continues with Laurel’s favorite today.

Number Six: Sand Castles

“God gave Solomon wisdom and very great insight, and a breadth of understanding as measureless as the sand on the seashore.” 

1 Kings 4:29

If you read this earlier post about Linnea collecting seashells, you might have wondered if Laurel was at the beach at all. Well, she was. But seashell searcher she is not. For her, building sand castles was the most fascinating part of the beach.

Laurel knew she needed wet sand. So at first, she tried carrying it by hand back to the building site.

Next she tried the shovel.

Then she got brave and tried using the bucket.

Really brave, especially when you are 4-years-old and not wearing your swimsuit.

She constructed this cute, cozy little castle all by herself.

Then she had to wash her hands, with a little help from her dadddy.

Here’s another castle they made together.

As you can tell, Laurel loved the beach and didn’t at all mind having a little sand between her toes.

Nor did she mind having sand as her toes!

Florida Keys Top 10 Series

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Number 6: Sand Castles

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