Ariel and Alice


Once upon a time there were two young sisters. One was called Ariel, and the other was called Alice. Both were invited to a Very Important Date on Saturday evening.

Ariel was a beautiful, healthy little mermaid, swimming around and combing her curly locks of hair with a Dinglehopper. She had quite a lively imagination and quite an appetite for candy!

Dear little Alice also had quite a lively imagination. She was known for her lovely, long blond hair and for daydreaming about talking white rabbits with pocket watches. But sadly, Alice was not as healthy as her sister. And despite getting a seasonal flu shot on Monday, Alice came down with a terrible fever on Friday afternoon. Fortunately, Nurse chased down a tiny bottle of Tamiflu medicine, labeled “Drink Me.” So Alice tasted it. It tasted nice, so she drank it up. You’ll never guess what happened next, so I shall have to tell you. The flu bug began to shrink!

Then Nurse chased down lots of little pink and purple tablets labeled “Eat me.” Alice ate them. They tasted good. And then what do you think happened to her? No, you’ll never guess, so I shall tell you. Her fever shrank! But then it grew back to an abnormal size. So Nurse kept giving Alice more and more tablets to eat. Pretty soon, Alice was feeling rather curious.

By Saturday morning, Alice was still feeling curious but slightly less sick. She got dressed and watched Pirate carve up her giant pumpkin with two missing front teeth. Ariel also watched Pirate carve up her pumpkin with one lonely tooth. Afterwards, Pirate, Ariel and Alice all posed for pictures and then took a long afternoon nap. Meanwhile, Nurse cried and cried and wrote regretfully to her friends hosting the Very Important Date.

Dearest Friends,

Oh, dear! Oh, dear!

We shall be too late!

For your Very Important Date.

We’re all trapped here

In the Pool of Tears.

The key won’t unlock any door;

We’re missing you ever more.

We all have cried and cried,

See you on the other side! 


Alice, Ariel, Nurse and Pirate


arielandalice 021

arielandalice 015


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