Pumpkin Patch Fun

You might have noticed the snow in the background of one of Linnea’s toothless portraits. It didn’t snow here in our part of the state, but last Friday it did snow in Rochester. We made a day trip there Saturday to visit some dear friends of ours who recently relocated to that area. And we all enjoyed visiting Tweite’s Pumpkin Patch together. The girls picked out these enormous pumpkins!

fallfun 030x

Exploring this kid-sized town was great fun!

fallfun 004

And the corn maze was fun, even if it was very mucky from the snowy slush. Linnea is our maze expert, and she helped us find our way out!

fallfun 024

Peeking through the window…

fallfun 011x

Our little friend J- joined us. He’s pretty proud of his jeans and boots; and he totally stole our hearts with his dimples and that hat. He is such a sweet little farmer boy!

fallfun 027

This giant double-slide looked like a lot of fun, and it would have been if the girls hadn’t kept bumping into each other and their dad!

fallfun 012

Overall, it was a fun trip. Now we just have to find time to carve those big ole’ pumpkins!

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