Summer Adds Up

It will be the 4th of July in a few hours, and we’ve come to that part of the year when everyone sees the back-to-school clothing ads and says in a freakish sort of tone, “Where has the summer gone!?”
Here in Minnesota, it truly feels like summer is just getting started. The lake only warmed up to swim-able temperature a couple of weeks ago. We haven’t even made it to the beach yet! So, in an effort not to join that familiar chorus of summertime blues, I’m adding up all the fun we’ve had since our fabulous Memorial Day weekend trip up north.
Here’s the math:
  • 3 sailing trips
  • 1 swim in the lake
  • 2 tea parties
  • 1 night at the movies to see Up!
  • 4 Arboretum trips
  • 1 piano recital
  • 2 fishing trips
  • 1 afternoon at the Old Log Theatre to see Treasure Island
  • 5 nights of Vacation Bible School
  • 1 afternoon playing in the sprinkler and eating popsicles
  • 2 afternoons playing in the backyard kiddy pool
  • 1 family gathering with BBQ and bubble wands
  • 1 family gathering with Bailey the Dog and Chinese food
  • 2 fun get-togethers friends who feel like family
  • countless picnics and park visits

All this and just one bee sting! Of course, I must mention that I was stung immediately upon entering the Arboretum. The bee flew into the van, stung me and flew back out all in the 15 seconds it took me to show my membership card to the guy at the entrance gate. Welcome to the Arboretum! Ouch!

Notably, Michael was hundreds of miles away on his four-day, guys-only trip to the Boundary Waters when my arm started swelling up. The pain only lasted a few hours, despite the fact that I did none of the five post-bee-sting treatment steps spelled out on I just sat on a park bench, watched the girls play and tried to avoid the wasp that kept lingering nearby. 

Despite leaving us alone to fend off the bees and wasps, and despite coming home with lots of smelly, fishy laundry, Michael did get some royal treatment on Father’s Day.

Father's Day
Father's Day

 And here’s one of our tea parties; Aunt Lilac and Great Gramma were our special guests.

Tea with the Greats
Tea with the Greats
Great Gramma
Great Gramma
For the 4th of July, this afternoon we made these fun desserts — fruit pizza in red, white and blue. Yum!
another edible flag
Linnea's edible flag
patriotic fruit pizza
patriotic fruit pizza

One thought on “Summer Adds Up

  1. Oh Diana!

    I miss you! Love the pics, especially the one of Michael and the girls. I so would have been over for some fruit pizza had we been in town. Yum!! Josiah is absolutely loving summer being at Grandpa and Grandma’s. I’ll email and send you a few pics of what he’s been up to down here.


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