Blindspots in Homeschooling

After reading book after book and article after article singing the praises of homeschooling and extoling the successes of homeschooled children, you start to feel like you’ve truly heard all there is to say about homeschooling.

I felt that way until yesterday, when I came across this article — a very well-thought-out and very brutally honest piece on potential pitfalls in homeschooling. I believe the author is Reb Bradley of Family Ministries. He makes some very eye-opening and convicting statements about homeschooling!

He says there are 7 blind spots in homeschooling:

1. self-centered dreams

2. family as an idol

3. emphasis on outward form

4. tendency to judge

5. over-dependence on authority and control

6. over-reliance upon sheltering

7. formulaic parenting that breaks down relationships

This is a great article to keep on hand and re-read at least once a year to keep yourself on guard against these! Here’s the link to the full article: Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling, originally published in September 2006.

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