5 Star Links: For the Church

My oldest daughter is getting baptized this Sunday in the lake! Oh, what joy! As parents, my husband and I are thrilled beyond words — and of course she is pretty excited about it herself.

Our church traditionally does baptisms in the lake during the annual church picnic. I think that’s a grand way to baptize folks — and much more sensible than the way the church did it years back. According to our pastor, our church used to do baptisms in the lake year-round. Now I understand the theology of suffering for the sake of the gospel, but can you imagine a full-immersion baptism in February? In the lake? In Minnesota? Evidently they cut a hole in the ice and went right ahead as usual. Yikes!

Speaking of church, I think we’re over-due for a 5-Star Friday, and this time around, I’m presenting links with a church-related theme.

1. 5 Ways to Make Your Kids Hate Church — The title alone hooks ya on this very convicting list by Thomas Weaver.

2. How Even Church Picnics Relate to God — Whether we eat or drink or picnic or whatever we do, we are to do it all for the glory of God, and in this article Pastor John Piper of Desiring God Ministries explains why church picnics matter for eternity.

3. Top 10 Reasons Not To Join a Church Plant — Church plants fascinate me; my husband and I have been members of two different “plant” churches, and this article by Justin Buzzard really nails it.

4. Young Children in Church — The “All is Loss” blog offers insight and grace for parents juggling small children in the pews.

5. A few months ago I purchased the Church History ABCs for my youngest daughter. We all enjoy reading this excellent introduction to key characters in church history. Augustine, Calvin and Vivaldi are our favorites so far. Here’s a great review of the book — and be sure to check out this site that has several activity sheets to go along with the book.