Fairy Tea: Take 2


When my oldest daughter turned 6, I threw a fairy tea party for her. Evidently, she has fond memories of it because she wanted another fairy tea for her 8th birthday earlier this month.

This year’s menu was much simplier! We served mini-pizzas from Pizza Hut, baby goldfish crackers, fairy-sized carrot sticks, raspberries and blackberries, ginger peach tea, lemonade, chocolate cake, and raspberry floats.

Here are the photo highlights:

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A Fairy Tea for Linnea’s 6th Birthday

Linnea is 6! Her party was a “fairy tea” with four of her little friends and her little sister. I served flower sandwiches, apple and pear slices, forest fairy trail mix, graham crackers iced with Pixie Dust, shortbread cookies, cranberry white chocolate scones with clotted cream, raspberry cups, chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting and raspberry sherbert floats. I also served ginger peach tea, cinnamon plum tea, and lots of apple juice! All the girls looked so lovely, and they had fun decorating picture frames with ribbon and flowers. We read a book about creating fairy houses, and we played with tea sets and felt boards. It was a lot of fun! Many thanks to my dear cousin Rachel for all her help with the party preparations and the party crowd!





Interview with a 2-year-old

Laurel turned 2 a week ago. Here’s a little profile on her.

What book are you reciting? “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” by Eric Carle

What are your favorite books? “Noah Book” (aka the Bible) and “The Mitten” by Jan Bret (my great-grandma knits, too)

What is your favorite Bible story? “No-No Fruit” (Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden)

What is your favorite movie? the Laurie Bernker Band’s music DVD

What is your favorite food? macaroni and cheese with apple juice

What is your favorite part of mealtime? I like to pray. Sometimes I make my family pray three or four times during dinner!

 What is your favorite animal? I really like birds, especially ducks, penguins, owls and chickens.

What is your favorite thing to say? “Oooh! Cute!” (I pronounce it “tute.”) I also tell my sister, “No. I busy!” when she gets too bossy.

What are your hobbies? playing with play dough, reading with my mom and sister, looking at my baby pictures, talking on the phone

What do you do in your spare time? I pretend to go get the mail (that’s why I got a mailbox for my birthday), or I sing, dance and talk, talk, talk.

What songs do you sing? “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Alphabet Song,” and “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” and several others

How high can you count? up to 12, sometimes 16

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? to Minnehaha Park to ride bikes, see the waterfall, and see Aunt Lilac

What makes you laugh? Papa Duck, Uncle Michael, my sister when she makes really funny faces