The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

teaANDice 06539

Minnesota – we love it here! Or least we have a mug with that motto and try to have that attitude. Sometimes attitude is what fuels our fortitude to make it through January.

So yesterday we embraced the frozen tundra and wrapped up January with a fun trip to the local ice castle. Yes, Elsa, Anna and Olaf were all there. And yes, all the ice was real.

teaANDice 09141

It was 27 degrees outside, and I joined Olaf in daydreaming about summer.

teaANDice 07340

teaANDice 10744

Despite the warnings I’ve read in The Snow Queen and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, I let my darling children ride off in a sleigh with a complete stranger. This ended much better than it sounds, probably because no one offered them Turkish Delight.

teaANDice 09842

The ice slide was a little slow, but fun.

teaANDice 10143

Next, we took a quick break to go ice skating nearby and grab some hot chocolate and snowflake sugar cookies.

teaANDice 12547

At dark we returned to the ice castle to see the lights.

teaANDice 21042

teaANDice 19239

With lots of twirling torches and fiery stunts, the fire show was captivating, too.

teaANDice 20140

teaANDice 20641

Happy February from Minnesota!

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