Fall Didn’t Even Wave Good-bye…

snowday003xI mentioned earlier this week that winter has made a premature arrival here in Minnesota. Just as we finished hauling off bags of leaves and dilapidated jack-o-lanterns and were only beginning to crave a turkey dinner, our scarecrow turned into a snowman. Just. Like. That.

Today I looked out the window to see a strange stillness and an all-too-familiar whiteness settling upon the lake. I grabbed the binoculars and searched for the slightest wave.

Nothing. Autumn had up and left without a farewell or even the slightest wave good-bye.


In disbelief, the girls and I hiked down to the dock. We gathered a few big sticks along the way to help us get an almost first-hand feel of this strangeness.




It took some significant poking for the sticks to break through the layer of ice, which was lightly dusted with snow.



These two are looking forward to ice skating soon — but not too soon.


Stay warm, Minnesota, and happy Nov-winter?!


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