Sorry, We Have No Grumpy Old Men Today


Last weekend we had a warm 30-something day, so my 2nd grader and I took a little stroll down to the big lake in town. We wanted to capture some genuine ice fishing pictures, grumpy old men and all, just for you.


These are the snowboots I should have been wearing. Sadly, they were back at home in the mud room.


This is the dock from which I would have taken the ice fishing pictures, had I been wearing my snowboots. As you can see it was way too snowy to attempt in my tennis shoes. So you’ll have to settle for just a few shots from a distance with my zoom.


This mom was dragging a sled full of tots across the lake to a settlement of ice houses on the south-west side of the island. Notice the trucks and cars parked on the lake. Please don’t try this in Oklahoma, dear ones.


That green UFO is a kite. Someone was snow-kite-boarding on the lake, too. Maybe it was the grumpy old man who would’ve been in the photos I didn’t take, but I kind of doubt it.

For an actual up-close look at my firsthand experience with ice fishing, check out this post from a few years back. It’s really not about catching fish, and that post has no grumpy old men either. But I think you’ll like it anyway.

Stay warm, friends!


3 thoughts on “Sorry, We Have No Grumpy Old Men Today

  1. Ermm, your warm 30 something day, is that Fahrenheit??? Are those trucks parked on the actual frozen lake? Is it always that cold in winter there? Sorry, that was a lot of questions! It looks so much prettier than the 55F and torrential rain that we have here, but the UK would grind to a complete standstill if we got even a fraction of that snow lol!

    1. Yes, Susie, it is almost always cold enough here to ice fish and drive big trucks all across the lake in January and February. They even clear the snow on top to make roads! The lake ice is 2 to 3 feet thick. Crazy, huh? This year it was cold enough to ice fish in December, too, but only because has been an especially cold winter here. Tonight we are having a low of -28 degrees F, which is -33 degrees C! The windchill is like -60. This is the coldest it has been in 20 years. But sipping tea, eating shortbread and watching the first episode of Downton Abbey season 4 warmed me up this evening! It really makes me want to visit the UK!

      1. Oh my goodness, that really is cold!! I actually can’t even imagine what that kind of cold must be like!
        Downton Abbey, my mum just visited the house where they film that! It’s fairly close to us. She said it was fantastic! You should come over and visit 🙂

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