Magical Appearances

Today God decorated the trees for Christmas — in such a magically, snowy way!




Yesterday we had no snow to speak of. But today my girls disappeared in the deep piles out front. They played for hours and hours.



Thankfully, hot cocoa makes them magically re-appear in an instant.


This little junco, who much preferred the birdseed-covered pinecone over hot cocoa, kept magically re-appearing, too. I think he enjoyed having his picture taken.


Other hungry birds appeared and re-appeared at the feeders — cardinals and juncos mostly. This plump cardinal rested on a nearby tree branch and kindly waited for his turn.


And did I mention the amaryllis is blooming this week?



I love bulbs that magically turn into beautiful blooms in the depths of winter.


Any magical appearances in your neck of the woods today?

One thought on “Magical Appearances

  1. Oh my goodness, how beautiful! Your girls look to be having so much fun, we are always hoping for snow like that (quite rare to get any in England though!)

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