Oh, How He Loves Us


Because He loves us, I’m thanking and praising God today for these gifts:

1. His eternal power

2. His divine nature

3. His holy word

4. vibrant colors in the maple tree and hollow oak tree

5. safe travels home from afar

6. the friend who helps with a late-night run to the airport

7. new rakes and big piles of leaves



8. little fingers dancing across the keys on Sunday night

fallfunmisc 060j

9. Legos, Legos and more Legos

10. homemade tortilla soup

11. hot cinnamon sunset tea

12. David Crowder’s song, “How He Loves Us”

13. His name, “I AM”

14. Sunday afternoon naps

15. the book we just finished reading about the Mayflower’s Mary Chilton: Almost Home by Wendy Lawton

16. treasures found at a used book sale

17. new slippers and soft warm hats from Hanna

18. Hershey’s miniatures

19. warm grey socks

20. kind new faces at Sunday School

21. BBQ leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch

22. new mugs and soup bowls

23. the roar of the wind

24. the steady rustling of the leaves

25. a full tank of gas

26. an extra hour of sleep

27. homemade strawberry crepes

28. their tie-dye shirts

29. the first three chapters of A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman

30. hot cocoa

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