The Leaves are Falling Down

cricketsNleaves 029i

Fridays in the fall are perfect for a field trip/nature walk to the Arboretum.

cricketsNleaves 013d

The Arb has gourds and pumpkins a-plenty, much to the delight of my own little pumpkin.

cricketsNleaves 020e

cricketsNleaves 027h

And scarecrows…

cricketsNleaves 022f cricketsNleaves 025g

But best of all, the Arb has leaves. Fiery red, golden yellow, orange, green and brown — they are glorious!

cricketsNleaves 073v

cricketsNleaves 034j cricketsNleaves 036k cricketsNleaves 037l cricketsNleaves 039m cricketsNleaves 041n cricketsNleaves 047o cricketsNleaves 048p cricketsNleaves 057q cricketsNleaves 059r

My oldest loved how the raindrops gathered on this leaf to make it shimmer.

cricketsNleaves 063s

Then she saw this leaf, which was more colorful and shimmered, too.

cricketsNleaves 064t

My little pumpkin thought for sure a fairy had taken a bath in this oak leaf and had forgotten to drain the water.

cricketsNleaves 065u

Thank You, Lord, for the glorious leaves!

And happy leaf-looking, everybody!

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