Our New School Room

August is flying by and soon the girls and I will be hitting the books again. Since we moved last spring, we are super excited to share pictures of our new school room.

auguststuff 202x

This is the main area for seat work like math, language arts and handwriting. The black bookshelves are from Ikea. The big one holds our library of children’s fiction chapter books and picture books, biographies, reference books, family devotionals, teacher’s manuals, math games and manipulatives, and a few magazines. (We subscribe to God’s World News and Nature Friend.)

The smaller shelf on the right has a cubby for each kid’s workbooks, art supplies in Mason jars, paper, paints, and some extra stuff we may or may not use.

auguststuff 203x

The surface is handy for pencils, stapler, red “in-boxes” for the day’s work, a pencil sharpener and a few other items we want to keep handy. The couch behind this is a great spot for history, science and literature reading.

The bulletin board area is still a work in progress.

auguststuff 143x

The chalkboards are simply art canvases covered with chalkboard paint. These are low enough that the kids can reach them. In the upper right corner is a clipboard for displaying 12 by 12 inch scrapbooking pages. We will use it as a place to show which composer, artist, poet and/or hymn we are studying. The upper left is a picture tray that displays 4 by 6 photos of our family. The bulletin board includes a U.S. map, reading incentive sheets, and a calendar. I’ll add our Scripture memory verses and something else soon.

auguststuff 188x

This is my “teacher” desk as well as the best spot for my kids to do Spanish lessons and typing lessons on the computer. In two of those three-ring binders, I file the kids’ school work by subject. I keep my Well Planned Day planner and other homeschool planning materials here.

auguststuff 192x

This is the storage area for games and puzzles and a few larger educational items. The cash register is where we keep the play money for math.

Thanks for letting us share our new space with you! Happy back-to-school!

5 thoughts on “Our New School Room

  1. Oh my goodness what a wonderful room. You are so beautifully organised that i find myself inspired to try harder with our school things!!

    1. Well, maybe we are organized for about a week anyway! I should post pictures in October to show the “reality” version of our school room. Ha-ha!

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