For the Fairies of Hollow Oak

A friend of mine introduced me to fairy gardening when my oldest was still in preschool. Her neighbor, a master gardener, runs a fairy garden supply store nearby. It didn’t take much to convince this mom of two little girls that fairy gardening was an essential thing to do.

almostjune 163h

The big sister is the leading fairy expert of our family, having had two fairy-themed birthday parties. Having read many fairy poems by Cicely Mary Barker and a few books on the topic of building fairy homes adds to her expertise in this field.

almostjune 145f

Using some natural supplies imported from Oregon by a very special aunt, the big sister built this lovely fairy home at the foot of our hollow oak tree. Isn’t it darling?

almostjune 104e

My youngest daughter and I built this A-frame style fairy dwelling. I think this image was captured before she added some flowers.

almostjune 102d

Fairy gardening is so enchanting. Find a little spot and give it a whirl!

almostjune 096c

2 thoughts on “For the Fairies of Hollow Oak

  1. the fairies in washington like chocolate. Do the ones in Minnesota like chocolate? love uncle zebra killer

  2. We love fairy gardens and those are really pretty ones that your girls have made. Hannah has a container fairy garden decorated with seashells by our pond that she made.

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