The Smell of Spring

A goldfinch rests on a branch of golden-green leaves.

funoutside 017c

A red ray petunia blooms brightly on the deck.

funoutside 020d

My frog-colored rainboots sink in the soggy bog.

funoutside 036e

It looks like spring, yes, with the bright yellows and reds and golden greens. But spring doesn’t truly smell like spring until the lilacs bloom.

lilacsNtulips 008e

lilacsNtulips 002b

For three of the past four years, my daughters and I have made an annual romp through the blooming lilac collection at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

lilacsNtulips 012g

lilacsNtulips 003c lilacsNtulips 004d  lilacsNtulips 011f

lilacsNtulips 014h lilacsNtulips 017i

This bud is for you, Aunt Lilac!

lilacsNtulips 021j lilacsNtulips 023k lilacsNtulips 024l

We adore their heavenly scent, which is why we heartily believe L is for Lilac!

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