Origami Love

While my youngest and I were making lollipops last week, my oldest daughter sat at the kitchen table making origami stuff. Last summer I bought her this easy origami kit and she was completely hooked on it after spending an afternoon playing with the kit and my dear cousin.

snowyvalentine 006a

Over the last several months, she has very much folded herself into quite an impressive little origami artist. So for Valentines, origami was a perfect idea for sharing with her friends. She made these cute little origami frogs. They really hop!

snowyvalentine 032c

We stumbled upon a new origami book at the library last week — Easy Ocean Origami by Christopher Harbo. The book has directions for origami water lilies. They turned out quite well!

snowyvalentine 044e

snowyvalentine 045f

My little artist was not sure she approved of using scissors with origami, as this book suggests for several of its projects. Even so, she had quite a lot of fun making the goldfish in this book, too. But probably the most fun was racing the windsurfer boats. We give the book two thumbs up!

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