Discovering cRaZy jOY: Oct. 6, 7 & 8

Still counting gifts through a busy three-day weekend.

Saturday’s theme was three gifts redeemed:

1. a coupon redeemed for a free croissant at the French bakery

2. time redeemed for the great and important purpose of celebrating a wedding

3. a coupon redeemed for a box of silk flower petals and two satin baskets

Sunday’s theme was a gift baked, a gift stirred and a gift eaten:

1. a horse-shaped chocolate cake for the dear birthday cowgirl

2. chocolate milk at breakfast

3. baked potato casserole from Dickey’s BBQ

And Monday’s theme was three gifts prayed for:

1. the dear, sweet daughter God blessed us with 7 years ago

2. kind, godly friends for her to love and grow alongside

3. the sweet big sister who gives generously of her time and talent

For every day in October,  I am posting three gifts using the Joy Dare calendar from A Holy Experience).  Counting gifts, too? Share them in the comments area if you wish.

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