Discovering cRaZy jOY: Oct. 3

Another day of counting gifts, and today’s challenge is threefold: a gift caught, a gift let go, and a gift mid-way.

1. the glimpse I caught of a chickadee at the finch feeder in the backyard

2. letting go of my laptop long enough to allow my almost-7-year-old continue writing a story about little girls named Zowe and Anna

3. the tired, mid-way-through-a-lap smile of my 9-year-old as she struggles to master the butterfly stroke in her swimming lessons

The ideas for the three gifts I post each day come from the Joy Dare calendar at A Holy Experience).  Please add your own gifts in the comment section and then jump over to read Ann Voskamp’s post “When You are Feeling a Bit Lost: How to Find Your Way Back to Joy.”

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