Feb. 21 is an Official Snow Day

One of the downsides of homeschooling, from a parent’s perspective, is having to make so many decisions. Which math curriculum? What spelling book? Do we skip learning cursive handwriting? How much time should we focus on this period of history? Should we continue with this language program or switch to another method? The list is endless.

Likewise, one of the best parts of homeschooling is getting to make decisions about your daily schedule. That’s so true today — we decided to declare Feb. 21 an official Snow Day! When there’s 3 inches of fresh snow and conditions are finally perfect for sledding and snowman-building, fractions and spelling words can wait until tomorrow!

Happy Snow Day!

2 thoughts on “Feb. 21 is an Official Snow Day

  1. One thing I love about those snow days is turning the snowman into a creative sculpture. The boys Love figuring out how many blocks of snow they have to make for their forts and such. Even snow days can be educational and they don’t even realise they are learning!

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