Counting to 1,000 (960-979)

“Giver of every breath I breathe
Author of all eternity
Giver of every perfect thing
To You be the glory”

{lyrics from “All Because of Jesus” by Steve Fee}

Over the weekend, I was among a crowd of 370 women singing “All Because of Jesus” during chapel at a women’s retreat. What a memorable way to praise the Giver of every perfect thing! That retreat was indeed the perfect gift given at the perfect time. To God be the glory! I so needed that time of refreshment with ladies from church!

I am still adding gifts — from the Giver of every perfect thing — to my One Thousand Gifts list, which continues this week with items 960 through 979:

960. little boys in sweatshirts and vests, all eager to play outside

961. the itsy-bitsy Keen boots and the ticklish little feet that wear them

962. a tall, tall tree to climb and hug

963. more lessons in wisdom from Proverbs and from this sermon in James 1

964. six great ladies rooming with me in “Cinnamon Bear” — a cabin full of bunk beds and smiles

965. a dear friend who encourages and inspires me

966. brightly colored leaves on the birch trees

967. the refreshment gained through retreating with 20 wonderful women from church

968. forgiveness (Psalm 103:11-12)

969. lessons in faith, hope and love

970. brightly colored fingernails painted by Ivy

971. wind rushing through the tops of the birch trees

972. the smell of horses and leather as I take the reins, riding tall on a trusty but slow little horse named Sultan

973. mingling on horseback with seven deer as they slowly cross and re-cross our path through the woods

974. singing joyful praises to God in the chapel with 370 women

975. the clash of the symbols — praising Him

976. quiet moments resting in the top bunk

977. lessons in true friendship and stories that evoke riotous laughter

978. being welcomed home Sunday afternoon with tight hugs and blazing new maple trees just planted in the backyard

979. the kind crew that will carry our care-package for Dawit to another hemisphere

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