Counting to 1,000 (935-959)

Praise and glory
and wisdom and thanks and honor
and power and strength
be to our God for ever and ever.

-Revelation 7:12 

My One Thousand Gifts list continues this week with items 935 through 959:

935. how the autumn sun casts shadows of dancing leaves on the kitchen wall

936. sailing wing-on-wing across the lake on a gusty Sunday afternoon

937. sharing life with new friends

938. the quiet pitter-patter of ballet shoes slipping across the wood floor

939. how passionately she participates in her first ballet lessons

940. the helpful pharmacist

941. piles of piano books

942. the tap dancers’ uncontainable energy

943. holding sweet little Dorothy during the entire lesson

944. family devotions on Elohim (with Sally Michael’s fabulous new book: God’s Names)

945. how the horse eagerly eats an apple from my hand

946. rides on Chevy the Horse on a crisp, autumn morning

947. little girls in boots, all smiley on the platform of stairs

948. how they all line up to feed Nana the younger horse

949. Chevy’s clever tricks and kisses

950. new space for art class and the amazing teacher who likes it despite the dead frog that somehow landed on her head

951. the orange sherbet moon melting into the cloudy night sky

952. six sweet girls who listen and read and play together

953. how the young artist takes her lines for a walk and then colors a rainbow of chalk

954. lessons in longitude and latitude and all things geography

955. small group Bible studies overflowing with participants

956. how colorfully she wears her passion for the backyard swings

957. how she blushes when I catch her belting out tunes into her jump rope “microphone”

958. homemade chicken and dumplings, Gramma-style

959. the little ears and hands that somehow find the notes on the violin

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One thought on “Counting to 1,000 (935-959)

  1. How cool! Love your blog. God is so good to us, most of the times we need to just open our eyes and ears to see and hear His goodness that is right there in our everyday lives.

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