Counting to 1,000 (905-934)

“Sing to the LORD with grateful praise; make music to our God on the harp.” -Psalm 147:7 

My One Thousand Gifts list continues this week with items 905 through 933:

905. how she clamours with excitement anticipating the first day of Kindergarten

906. lessons in wisdom from Proverbs

907. big smiles and nifty new lunchboxes

908. snack time

909. snuggling up on the couch with books that take us around the world

910. their prayers for the homeless

911. 11 girls and 4 boys in our new Sunday School class

912. how quietly they sit and how closely they pay attention

913. the faithful teachers who serve

914. Psalm 96 and Psalm 47 — Let the nations be glad!

915. how she signs to me from the other room and blows kisses

916. two students so eager to learn

917. mountains of laundry overflowing the basket

918. the freedom to homeschool

919. City Square Park for recess

920. the neighbor friend who wants to play, too

921. her passion for swinging

922. new jump ropes — just like I had in P.E.

923. freezer meals

924. smoking BBQ in the backyard with new friends

925. a gusty afternoon of sailing and conversing with new friends

926. her generous offer for free babysitting

927. Spanish lessons

928. their kind thank-yous

929. live jousting, crazy log wars, elephant rides, glittery fairies, daring flame jugglers and kind harpist who lets them strum the instrument

930. exploring a fascinating festival with very dear friends

931. happy, dirty feet because we walked far with friends beside us

932. a gift of fresh cucumbers from the garden of a new friend

933. friendships characterized like Proverbs 27:17

934. lessons in contentment and friendship

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