5 Star Links for Friday

June is my favorite month, and not just because my birthday happens to be in June.

I love June because of the peonies that bloom.

And I love June because of the fresh fruit that gets more affordable, the daylight that seems endless, and the general glow that accompanies nearly everything about early summer.

All that said, the first Friday in June seems the perfect day for another 5-Star Friday!

This time around, these links are especially for moms — because I am one, because I love many dear friends who are moms, and because motherhood matters to God — and not just in the month of May!

Below are links to some great reading (and listening) that truly encouraged me in recent weeks, and I pray these encourage you as well.

1. When You Feel Like You Just Keep Blowing It by Ann Voskamp

2. Why Motherhood Should Be Graded on a Curve by The Gypsy Mama

3. The Danger of Moralistic Parenting by Elyse Fitzpatrick

4. The Sons of Thunder (Mother’s Day 2011) sermon at Church on the Move by guest speaker Joe McGee (5/8/11)

5. “Hidden in My Heart” CD from scripture-lullabies.com is so sweet and peaceful and fitting for all ages. I ordered three copies — one for myself and two to give to moms with newborns. You can preview the songs online.

May God richly bless all you mom-readers!

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