Counting to 1,000 (482-521)

“Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever.” 1 Chronicles 16:34 (NIV)

This week I surpass the half-way mark as I am counting up one thousand gifts  from God! Praise Him for His goodness, His love that endures forever, and for the peace that comes in knowing He is always in control — even on days when life doesn’t make sense.

482. pairs of indigo buntings at the feeders

483. flower shopping with little girls in tow

484. a cloudless sky

485. the golden sunset rays that outline the fuzz on a little gosling near the pond

486. vases full of lilacs

487. tiny tea parties

488. the promise of peonies

489. how they encourage the friend with a broken leg

490. gardening gloves that fit just right

491. their teamwork in playing “Heart and Soul” together on the piano

492. the vivid green of spring

493. grandma-made dresses with the ultimate twirly-ness

494. bare feet spinning in happiness as the sun sinks lower

495. a Saturday afternoon patio picnic at the Arboretum

496. the engineer brain that figures out the tricky umbrella at our table

497. a lively stroll through the blooming lilacs as their delightful, heavenly fragrance lingers heavy in the air

498. the azalea’s brilliant orange and pink blossoms

499. the redbud trees that remind me of climbing in my neighbors’ redbud trees as a kid

500. the delicate bleeding hearts

501. how the tiny Lily of the Valley draws her ever closer

502. the happy, hoppy toad on the rocks

503. droplets pearling on the blue shadow alder

504. the vibrant fuchsia petals of the peony

505. how he giggles with them about the “Toothbrush” Song

506. bite-sized cucumber sandwiches sprinkled with dill and devoured by the little snacker

507. homemade raspberry white chocolate scones with clotted cream

508. how happily she rediscovers the little house in the shade

509. the dearly loved piano teacher who stops by for a visit

510. how beautifully she plays her “Medley in Pink”

511. her sweet little voice singing “I Love Snack Time”

512. a whole morning gladdened by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and reading I, Vivaldi together

513. her thrill at eating popcorn and watching Charlotte’s Web, just the two of us

514. refreshing sips of Simply Lemonade

515. the joyous arrival of sweet Kayla Michelle and her very first Sunday at church

516. encouraging reports from missionaries to Thailand

517. the book of Ruth and how it reminds us that God is always in control

518. answered prayers for their protection and for the deadly tornadoes to pass over without harming them

519. pumpkin seeds to crunch at snack time

520. the broad, silvery strokes of pink and blue painting the sunset sky

521. the men and women who sacrificed their lives in service to our country

4 thoughts on “Counting to 1,000 (482-521)

  1. I enjoyed reading your thankful list. The little house looks so inviting! Your pictures are beautiful! I especially liked the one of your daughters dancing in the dresses made by their grandma 🙂

  2. Always nice to meet a fair-skinned fellow tea drinker. Looks like we may have more in common–I have daughters and homeschool:) Twirly dresses are the best! Enjoyed your whole list, except I’m wanting to eat one of those cute little cucumber sandwiches now. . .

  3. Diana, first of all – that peace – the peace that comes when it doesn’t make one bit of sense that you should have peace – the piece that really does surpass understanding. God is good that way. And I am with Patti, above. The picture of your daughters spinning and twirling in those beautiful dresses – that has to be my favorite one of all of your thank you’s. A daughter of a friend of mine said once, “that’s the best thing about dresses – is that they get all spinny when you dance, and sometimes you just gotta dance.” God bless you and all of yours this day Diana – and thank you for this – the whole thing made me smile.

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