Show Me Something Glorious

Today is Good Friday. The calendar also says it is Earth Day. 

So shall we cry “Save the Earth!” or will we proclaim “Jesus Saves!” — that’s really the question.

Whom will we worship today? Will we worship the Creator of the universe? Or will we worship the creation?

Don’t misunderstand me. I marvel at God’s creation and feel strongly about being a good steward of it. When I slow down to accept and enjoy what God has created, I learn so much about His character. 

“Show me something glorious and I’ll show you the Maker of it all.”

-“Something Glorious” by Revive

Romans 1 talks about how God’s creation makes plain to all men God’s eternal power and divine nature. Looking all around us, seeing what God has made, we are without excuse for believing in God! He is the One behind it all.

Yet mankind is foolish. We fail to see Him. We fail to glorify God, we fail to give Him thanks, and we exchange “the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles.” (verse 23) We worship false gods.

Oh, Father, forgive us. Forgive me.

How many times have I exchanged the truth of God for a lie? How often have I worshipped and served created things rather than the Creator? (verse 25) 

In “A Christian Response to Earth Day,” Doug Phillips at VisionForum says:

…man’s problems will never be solved through the elevation of human reason, the power of science, or the interventions of the state. Nor will rescuing the biosphere of planet earth save man or ensure him a future on this planet. You cannot save the earth. But human beings can be saved. And the only hope of salvation is found in Jesus Christ — the Creator! It is this Creator through whom we live and breathe and who by the very power of His word holds the worlds together. He will someday establish a new heaven and a new earth and will bring all of His people into Glory.”

And in “Why God Created the Universe — for Good Friday, Pastor John Piper explains:

The universe was created for the glorification of God’s grace at Calvary.”

With the shedding of Jesus’ blood on Calvary, our sins have been forgiven. As David Crowder sings, there is grace enough for us and the whole human race! Oh, happiness! And oh happy day! He has washed our sins away!

So let’s thank God! Let’s rise up and dance our shoes off!

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