100th Day: Other Lessons

100th Day Signs to Color

Just for fun, I made 100th Day signs and posted them with balloons around the house. I printed a few extras on cardstock, which the girls enjoyed coloring and are using as the cover page for their 100th Day booklets. Click here to download your own copy and have fun with it! Use paint dots, watercolor crayons, scented markers, number stickers or whatever feels extra special.

Handwriting for 1ooth Day

For handwriting on the 100th day, we took a break from the usual practice sheets and used special 100th day handwriting sheets instead.

Click here to download the version for print practice.

Click here to download the version for cursive practice.

Children’s Books

If I were to count 100 days again with a little one, I’d consider using 100 Prayers and 100 Praise Songs God Loves to Hear and 100 Ways to Know God Loves Me, 100 Songs to Love Him Back. I haven’t read them cover to cover, but what I have seen online looks good, and I have been pleased with other books by the same author, Stephen Elkins.

Emily’s First 100 Days of School also looks like a cute picture book for the 100th day, and many, many other books about the 100th day are available.

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