100th Day Lesson in Measuring

100 Chain

Way back in September we started using these 1- by 9-inch paper strips to make a 100-link paper chain.

Laurel faithfully stapled, day after day, and thrilled at watching the chain grow longer and longer.  After she added the last link on Day 100, we decorated Laurel with the chain.

Linnea, my 2nd grader, helped measure the chain. We used a yard stick, and she came up with the equation 36 X 6 + 15 = 231. 

So the chain was 231 inches long, or 19 ft. 3 inches long. Each of the 100 links was approximately 2 and 1/3 inches long.

Afterwards, Linnea remarked that this was the best-ever math lesson!

During some free time in the afternoon, the girls continued to play creatively with the chain. At one point, one of them was playing guitar and singing made-up songs while the other shaped the chain to form pictures on the floor and danced around inside the picture. The pictures and song lyrics all went together and were quite silly. This was not at all what I envisioned them doing in their free time, but it was a hoot!

More 100th day stuff is yet to come this week, so check back again soon!

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