Counting to 1,000 (65-89)

Note: I recently read the book One Thousand Gifts, and now I’m making my own list of one thousand gifts. As they accumulate, I post them on Mondays and keep the running list on this tab, titled All is Grace.

65. the click-clack of little feet wearing my black heels

66. the enchanting smell of fresh roses

67. a foggy morning that melts away to azure afternoon sky

68. flowers lined up in tiny vases

69. dinner with my Valentine

70. vibrant blue eyes that dance as she exclaims, “We watched race cars!”

71. the deep, soft brown eyes of the almost-2-year-old I adore

72. a Valentine from my little “feet-heart” ballerina

73. encouraging words from a brother-in-Christ

74. my daddy’s 65 years

75. her short, round shapes and tall, twisty shapes in dance class

76. jean-jacket weather in February

77. an ice-house rescued from the partly thawing broad waters

78. giggles overflowing from the back of the mini-van 

79. warm snow boots in yet another blizzard

80. little piles of snow high in the gently swaying tree branches

81. the dedicated pastor who perseveres with his preaching despite having a concusion

82. quiet Sunday afternoon naps

83. heavy falling snow blanketing everything in white

84. a warm house in which to hide from the wind and snow

85. news of a nephew’s baptism – Joy!

86. tiny felt dolls tucked into a pocket bed, created and sewn by an 8-year-old

87. a homemade felt slipper that has no match

88. penguins playing on home-grown icebergs

89. tired little legs that still need to be carried up to bed


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