Displaying His Splendor

One resort north of here is advertising that they have more colors than your crayon box.

And it’s true. The trees are gloriously ablaze in especially vivid colors this year.

As Minnesotans, we tend to savor every drop of color — knowing the stark whites and greys of winter will soon blanket everything.

The leaves may be dying, but they are going out with a bang. They are displaying the splendor of the One who created them.

Fall is a reminder that we are all dying, too. Our bodies will eventually fail in one way or another. And while we are in the “fall” of life, aren’t we, too, called to display God’s splendor?

My baby is turning 5 this week. And soon we will be reuniting with relatives who live far away, and already I can hear them exclaim how tall my girls are growing.

Growing, yes. But not like weeds. Like trees.

“…They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.” -Isaiah 61:3

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