First Day of School

I goofed. This month I got so busy posting about Laurel’s expressiveness, posting photos on Facebook, posting about the Dead Sea Scrolls, and posting about the apple orchard trip that somehow I skipped blogging about our first day of school!

So without further delay, here are my lovely students at the park on the first day of school.

classy sisters
Linnea turning...
...into a second grader! Gasp!
Laurel taking off...
in Pre-K!

After lots of late-night re-organizing efforts by yours truly, our classroom is no longer unpresentable. Tah-dah!

We — and by that I mean my husband — shortened the school table and purchased new chairs for all three of us. I could not be happier sitting in any other chair. Yes indeed, I am sitting in a child-sized chair. But it is from Pottery Barn, and it fits me better than our dining room chairs, thank-you-very-much. I also booted two little desks out of the room entirely, which frees up a lot of space and makes the entire room more pleasant to occupy.

On the first day, I gave the girls some lovely new picture books by Tasha Tudor, new Ticonderoga pencils, and little round boxes of M&Ms — because doesn’t everyone deserve chocolate on a regular basis?

Oh yeah, I also gave them some of those silicone shape bracelets that are all the rage right now.

You know, because they already had 473 of them…

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