5 Tips for a Tiny Tea Party

1. If sending out invitations, hand-written and hand-delivered adds a very special touch.

2. If eating on the patio with two dolls, two female relatives and too many mosquitoes, make it short and sweet. What’s more, be especially thankful when the mosquitoes land on your doll instead of you.

Linnea: “Ha-ha! Linn keeps tricking the mosquitoes!”

3. If serving things that your 4-year-old guest particularly likes to eat, expect to discover some unexpected food allergies.

Laurel: “My Strawberry Shortcake doll is allergic to bread, so can I eat hers? Strawberry Shortcake is allergic to vanilla wafers… Strawberry Shortcake is allergic to chocolate…”

4. If hand-washing the dishes afterward, try not to break the dishes or your sister’s heart.

Mom: Careful, Laurel! Don’t toss the dishes into the sink. They are breakable.

Linnea: And especially because it’s my tea set and I would be horrified!

5. If you are hosting, keep it simple (and spontaneous) so you can embrace the precious time with your special guests. 


3 thoughts on “5 Tips for a Tiny Tea Party

  1. Looks like the girls have it down to a fine art. Wish I could be there to share the fun sometime. Happy Days! Love, Aunt Bel

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